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Closed Date: July 17, 2009

As a Global Company leader in the Oil and Gas Service Industry, our company delivers Superior Services and New Technology around the world. Our Production Enhancement division delivers products, services and advanced solutions for oil and gas industry. Our capabilities includes Coiled tubing, Nitrogen, Acid, Sand Control and Pipeline Process and Services. To support our operations in INDONESIA, we are seeking qualified candidates for the following position.



Under general supervision, promotes excellent customer relations at the worksite. Plans and performs necessary calculations for the total job at the well site as needed. Responsible for equipment rig up and rig down on a location and the preparation of equipment for performing a job. Provides planning necessary for the job including instructions to the crew and dispute resolutions to approved levels. Ensures customer satisfaction with jobs performed. As needed, may perform data collection and data distribution on jobs. Coordinates the clean up, repair, and preparation of equipment for the next job. Provides input on individual performance levels of his/her subordinates providing on-the-job skills development to enhance job performance. Given the nature of oil field service work, the ability to communicate effectively with others is necessary. Promotes Process Improvement Initiatives, safety awareness and environmental consciousness. Must possess the ability to understand Well Bore schematic, computer programs and operational procedures. Must possess good leadership.

  • High School graduate as minimum
  • Years of experienced needed: Three years
  • Specific skill required: Field experience in Coiled tubing, Nitrogen or Frac-Acid
  • English proficiency both oral and written
  • Computer skills: Microsoft office
  • Will be located in Jakarta



Under general supervision, maintains and repairs a variety of equipment including diesel engines, heavy trucks, pumping equipment and other oil field related equipment. Maintains, diagnoses and repairs a variety of equipment including; diesel engines, transmissions, drive train components, winches, high pressure pumps, centrifugal pumps, sand conveyor systems, air compressors, micro processor controls, electro-mechanical equipment, hydraulic systems, pnuematic systems, mobile/overhead cranes, wellhead attachments and pressure equipment, gearboxes, PTO's, generators, chemical metering systems, 12/24v electrical systems, equipment cabs and controls, chassis and suspension, rims, tires and wheels, forklifts, A/C systems, and a variety of other energy services equipment. Responsible for ensuring duties are performed in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. Recognized expert in maintenance processes, procedures and functions. Assists in supervising others. Provides basic job training and guidance on a regular basis; performs work of same or closely allied nature. Job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability or operations. Consequences of error are easily measured and can be confined.

  • Completion of D3-S1 or similar is minimum requirement
  • Possesses 10-15 years experience with the same field expertise for Oil and gas equipment
  • Familiar with various diesel engines, hydraulic works, hydraulic Powerpacks, pumping equipment
  • Possesses supervisory skill in leading and directing crew members
  • Basic computer skills are preferred
  • Possesses good English proficiency, both oral and written
  • Self motivated

Please apply online at our website



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